Zhang Records Storm Chasing Experience in Dramatic Video

Daile Zhang, Postdoctoral Associate at ESSIC/CISESS, recently posted a video on YouTube documenting a storm chasing trip she went on last May alongside Atmospheric Sciences graduate students and postdoctoral associates from the University of Arizona.

On the trip, her group traveled through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri looking for a tornado.  Unfortunately, they did not see a tornado. Instead, they saw some meso-scale storms that eventually turned into a tornado.

Daile Zhang received her Ph.D. degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona. During her PhD, she studied lightning physics and lightning detection under Dr. Ken Cummins, a world-leading lightning scientist. Currently, she is a postdoctoral associate at ESSIC, focusing on evaluating and assessing space-based lightning sensors such as the Geostationary Lightning Mappers (GLMs) on GOES-16 and 17. Daile is passionate about lightning and thunderstorms and photographing them. This storm chasing trip was her first storm chasing experience and she loved it.

To see her video, click here: 2019 Storm Chasing Highlight.