Wild Co-Authors Report on Ozone Trends and Uncertainties

Recently, ESSIC / CICS-MD Senior Faculty Specialist Jeannette Wild co-authored several chapters of the Long-term Ozone Trends and Uncertainties in the Stratosphere (LOTUS) Report, a two-year endeavor to characterize the status and possible recovery of global ozone using datasets from satellite and ground instruments.

The study also sought to classify and determine the associated error estimates of the trends derived from the instruments.  The proper understanding of the error is crucial to the determination of whether ozone recovery is statistically significant.

Wild is located at NOAA/ NCEP/ Climate Prediction Center at NCWCP where she has created an combined SBUV/2 and OMPS ozone profile dataset, is engaged in validation of OMPS on SUOMI-NPP and SAGE III on the International Space Station, and investigates stratospheric ozone and temperature changes with emphasis on the detection and characterization of ozone recovery.  She also administers the database for the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) a network of ground-based instruments for stratospheric processes.

The results of the report were substantially included in Chapter 3 of the 2018 WMO/ UNEP Ozone Assessment.  Read the full report here.