Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 6/22/12

Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 6/22/12

By: Lauren McLendon

I. Wellness

  • Plan a stay-cation!

“Taking a vacation can relieve stress by alleviating the responsibilities of your everyday routine. It is also a great impetus to get outdoors, be active, and enjoy time with friends or family. While the summer is a great time to plan a vacation, you don’t have to leave town to relax and have fun! Try being a tourist in your own neighborhood. Visit local parks or museums, and try the food at a local restaurant. Take pictures of the sites you see as you walk around town. Stay-cations not only help to relieve stress, but can also create meaningful memories and help you learn to appreciate the great things about where you live!”

  • Color yourself well

“A diet full of colorful foods is a good sign of nutritional variety and quality. Try to get an array of colors in your shopping bag this summer: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, purples and blues. The brightest colors, and most potent nutrients, are found in produce that is fresh and local. So check out The Farmers’ Market at Maryland (Wednesdays, noon-4pm at Cole Fieldhouse) to find all your healthy, colorful fruits and vegetables right here on campus!”

II. Sustainability

  • Start the Green Office Program this summer

“Summer is a great time to begin the Green Office Program. This FREE program provides everything you need including posters, stickers, links, presentations, draft email text, incentives and more! We offer training every two weeks and our next one is coming up on June 12th. Join your colleagues and participate in the Green Office Program. Find out more: www.greenoffice.umd.edu”



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