Wang receives NASA career award in the New (Early Career) Investigator Program

ESSIC Post-Doctoral Associate Dr. Chenxi Wang has received NASA’s New (Early Career) Investigator Program (NIP) in Earth Science Grant. His proposal was titled “Developing an advanced algorithm to retrieve ice water path and cloud-top height for ice cloud using combined passive infrared and microwave observations.” The proposal team also includes: ESSIC professor Zhanqing Li as well as Dong L. Wu and UMBC’s Zhibo Zhang. The proposal team will develop a novel method to infer ice cloud properties from joint passive Infrared and Microwave instruments, such as VIIRS/ATMS. This project will provide a long-term global ice cloud record with unprecedented coverage and accuracy, aiming to improve our understanding of discrepancies in the current cloud observations and serve as constraints for reproducing cloud microphysical processes and improving ice cloud parameterizations in climate and weather models.