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At the student section of ChaserCon (left to right): CISESS Scientist Guangyang Fang, Undergraduate Research Assistants Samantha Smith, Alex Friedman and Domenic Brooks, Graduate Student Alvin Cheung, and Scientist Daile Zhang.

ESSIC/CISESS Lightning Team at 2022 Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon

The ESSIC/CISESS Lightning Team members Guangyang Fang and Daile Zhang recently attended the 2022 Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon, a conference for meteorologists at National Weather Service, broadcast meteorologists, emergency managers, storm chasers and other professional and amateur meteorologists across the great Mid-Atlantic area to network and discuss local severe storms and promote ideas to raise public awareness of severe weather and emergency management. Accompanying them were Undergraduate Research Assistants Alex Friedman, Domenic Brooks, and Samantha Smith as well as an AOSC grad student Alvin Cheung.

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Figure: Photo of Terrence (left) and Guangyang (right) working on the GPS cable. The lightning detector is on the left-hand side of the picture. The triangle-shaped antenna detects the VHF radiation produced by lightning strikes.

DCLMA Lightning Detection Antenna Repairs

This week, ESSIC/CISESS Scientists Joseph Patton and Guangyang Fang and Summer Intern Terrence Pierce visited one of our lightning detection stations on the campus of Howard University-Beltsville. The GPS antenna for the station had been giving them trouble, so they installed new connectors for the cable that connects the GPS antenna to the lightning detection computer, and that seems to have resolved the problem.

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