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Figure 5. (a, b) The analysis RMSE under full-coverage observing network for the atmosphere (a) and ocean (b) with the SC 3D-VAR (green), 4D-Var (blue), 4D-Var/3DFGAT CERA (cyan dash), 40-member ETKF (red), and 20-member ETKF (gray) for the last 1000 d. Time-averaged analysis RMSE for the last 13.7 years for all methods are shown in the figure. Panels (c) and (d) are similar to (a) and (b) except for only assimilating atmosphere observations. Adapted from Penny et al. (2019) and Da (2022).

Towards Strongly Coupled Ensemble Data Assimilation

A team of international researchers led by ESSIC Scientist Distinguished University Professor Eugenia Kalnay and including Dr. Cheng Da recently reviewed their latest research progress on coupled data assimilation in a new paper published in Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics titled, “Review article: Towards strongly coupled ensemble data assimilation with additional improvements from machine learning”.

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