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ESSIC generated materials pertaining to research, reports, education, and general information and overview purposes can be found within the Publications section. (A brief description of the current section sub-categories (left) can be found below.)

Disclaimer: Any reuse or references to these materials must be fully authorized in advance by the University of Maryland Earth System Sciences Interdisciplinary Center and or the authors/researchers responsible.

Journals – A listing of currently published papers authored fully or in part by ESSIC Researchers and Science Staff.

Newsletters – Internally produced periodicals providing both specialized and general news and information to ESSIC faculty and staff and its partners/collaborators.

Brochures – Print-capable PDF overviews pertaining to ESSIC and other ESSIC/CICS sponsored or related projects and functions.

Graphics – ESSIC produced imagery and graphics for general report, publication, web, and poster use.

Reports – Formal annual or multi-year reports and assessments prepared by ESSIC and the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, as well as the former Cooperative Institute for Climate Studies.

Posters – ESSIC/CICS research staff authored or co-authored posters presented at past science meetings & conferences.

Presentations – Traditional slide-based presentations authored or co-authored by ESSIC/CICS research staff and presented at past science meetings & conferences.

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