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Newly Funded Research: September 2011

Researcher: Sujay Kaushal
Grant Sponsor: NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Amount: $105,000
Grant Study: “Understanding and Forecasting Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use on Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes in Coa”

Researcher: Xin-Zhong Liang
Grant Sponsor: NOAA
Amount: $160,500
Grant Study: “CWRF Downscaling Prediction of USA Seasonal-Interannual Climate Variations”

Researcher: Xin-Zhong Liang
Grant Sponsor: DOE
Amount: $490,190
Grant-Study: “Optimizing the Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation Ensemble Modeling System to Improve Future Climate Change Projections at Regional to Local Scales”

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