Murtugudde quoted in The New York Times

ESSIC / AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde was recently quoted in a New York Times article titled “Why the Wilder Storms? It’s a ‘Loaded Dice’ Problem”.

The article discusses this year’s frequency of extreme global weather events, speculating, “Global warming is bringing the planet into an era of wilder, more dangerous rains with ruinous and long-lasting consequences”.

Murtugudde noted the situation is a classic loaded-dice analogy in that greenhouse gases have both heated the planet and saturated the air with moisture, which greatly “increases the odds” of extreme precipitation events.

Raghu Murtugudde is an ESSIC / AOSC scientist and professor as well as an affiliate professor for the Geology department at University of Maryland, College Park.  He works primarily in climate studies, exploring the co-evolution of life and climate and what it means for sustainability.  He also writes a blog hosted on the ESSIC website.

To read the article in full, click here: “Why the Wilder Storms? It’s a ‘Loaded Dice’ Problem”.