Murtuddge published in latest issue of Fundamatics

ESSIC/AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde was featured in the recent issue of Fundamatics, the Indian Institute of Bombay’s publication.

Murtugudde’s article, titled “A Philosophy of Science for India: Education for Solution” analyzed India’s need for education reform.

Murtugudde argued that India could greatly benefit from a more technologically-oriented method of education for middle and lower-tier education systems, which would allow students to work on global issues. Improving education helps address many of the India’s issues, such as population control, in order to combat the nation’s human, natural and financial issues. Higher populations result in more demand placed on limited natural resources, he said.

Murtugudde’s article was also provided as a blog-post within his Gudde-Blog column on the ESSIC web-site.