Mishonov discusses World Ocean Database at ESSIC seminar

ESSIC assistant research scientist Alexey Mishonov gave an ESSIC seminar on Jan. 29 in College Park to a group of about 20 NOAA and UMD scientists. His talk was entitled “Supporting the World Ocean Database (WOD): Archiving, Processing, and Analyzing in situ Ocean Data.” The WOD is the largest collection of quality-controlled ocean profile data available internationally. It is built by merging thousands of data sets submitted for archiving by individual researchers and scientific institution from all over the world. Mishonov took the lead in developing the 3-D viewing environment for ocean data. He was involved in the NCEI Regional Climatology project that resulted in the creation of several high-resolution climatic atlases covering some important U.S. coastal regions.  He also uses the WOD data for global assessment of the seawater optical properties. The World Ocean Database is on the NCEI website at https://www.nodc.noaa.gov/OC5/WOD/pr_wod.html.