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Local eats: Fishnet revisited

Local eats: Fishnet revisited

By: Maureen C. Cribb

A vox pop voted the French fries at Fishnet as the best in College Park so I paid the restaurant another visit. This time, there was music playing (some light jazz radio station  … could’ve done without that) and they now have free wi-fi. Had the (somewhat pricey) lunch special – a blue catfish sandwich, fries and a bottle of Welsh spring water. Now, I asked for the Turkish tartar sauce (kalamar tava) but got something berry pink in colour and unexciting. Looked pretty on the sandwich, though. On to the fries … they were delicious and definitely made from scratch. Reminded me of the ones they make at “Au P’tit Snack”, a little restaurant back home. Not sure what kind of potato they use but they’re nicely seasoned and have that waxy texture I like in a spud. Kinda wished I’d brought along some brown sauce and “des crottes de fromage” in order to make a poutine! Anyway, yes, the fries at Fishnet are the best I’ve tasted in the area … two thumbs up.



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