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Local Eats: Bagel Place of College Park

Local Eats: Bagel Place of College Park

By: Mark Baith

A UMD-College Park institution for bagels, that are arguably among the best in the entire Metro area. Decent seating, both in terms of the numbers of tables and the decor, with a counter ordering system:  (no wait-staff). Parking can be a bit of an issue within the small strip-mall lot (metered coin):  Suggest looking  for a space (also metered coin) on Knox or in a pinch, heading over to the large public parking garage (by Ledos), a block further south.
A few (perhaps) lesser know factoids about BPCP:
  • Legitimate "New York" deli sandwiches, including corned-beef, pastrami, brisket, whitefish, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Home-made cream-cheese produced in-house daily: (about 10 different varieties, which can be purchased to go.)
  • Open 7-days a week: 0630-1900: (Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days only)
  • An impressive full-service coffee-espresso bar, who's coffee supplier donates a portion of its proceeds to help rebuild Chesapeake Bay oyster reefs.

Bagel Place of College Park 

7423 Baltimore Avenue,
College Park, MD 20740  

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