International Collaboration on Satellite Identification of Atmospheric Rivers

For the first two weeks of April, ESSIC/CICS Associate Research Scientist Cezar Kongoli hosted Dr. Sante Laviola from the National Research Council (NRC), part of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (IASC) in Bologna, Italy.

The visit’s primary research topics were the satellite detection of atmospheric rivers that contribute to flash floods and major snowstorms as well as the evaluation and inter-comparison of satellite snowfall detection algorithms and products developed at NOAA/NESDIS and at NRC.

A proof of concept investigation was launched focusing on an extreme flood and rain event that caused widespread damage in the Mediterranean last October, which is thought to have implicated atmospheric rivers.  With this investigation, they hope to discover if routine satellite derived water vapor products provide useful information in atmospheric river detection in cases of these extreme weather events.

Kongoli’s research focuses on satellite hydrometeorology, cold regions hydrology and data assimilation.  He is also an Affiliate Scientist at NOAA/NESDIS and an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University.