Gassó to Teach Remote Sensing on Ocean Research Cruise

ESSIC Associate Research Scientist Santiago Gassó recently accepted an invitation to participate in the South to North Atlantic Transect (SoNoAT) cruise onboard the Polarstern, a German research vessel, as a part of a “Floating Summer School”.

The cruise will depart in the summer from Pt. Stanley in the Falkland Islands and end in Bremerhaven, Germany after five weeks.  On the cruise, 50 graduate students from all over the world will be taught the principles of oceanography, climate, and instrumentation.  Gassó will teach the remote sensing module and will carry out aerosol measurements onboard.

In addition to his work at UMD, Gassó is also a research associate at NASA Goddard, specializing in observational studies of aerosols, clouds, and their interactions using a combination of satellite detectors.  He has published several journal articles on the subject of dust transport at high latitudes as characterized by satellite, model, and surface observations.