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Gassó Participates in SABIA-MAR 1A Mission Review

ESSIC Associate Research Scientist Santiago Gassó recently participated in a two-day Peer Application Segment Review for the SABIA-MAR 1A mission.

SABIA-MAR (The Brazilian Argentine Satellite for Information of the Sea) is a satellite manufactured and designed by CONAE, Argentina’s space agency.  Gassó, along with other NASA scientists, provided advice and troubleshooting tips for the main sensor in SABIA-MAR, a 17-band spectrometer (VIS to IR) with 200m resolution for ocean monitoring.  The anticipated timetable for launch is post-2023, with a 5-year operational life expectancy.

In addition to his work at UMD, Gassó is also a research associate at NASA Goddard, specializing in observational studies of aerosols, clouds, and their interactions using a combination of satellite detectors.  He has published several journal articles on the subject of dust transport at high latitudes as characterized by satellite, model, and surface observations.

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