Munchak recognized at GSFC contractor awards ceremony

ESSIC Research Associate, Joseph Munchak, was recognized at an annual NASA / GSFC Earth Sciences Division – Atmospheres (Code 610) awards ceremony, which highlights the contribution of contractors.

Munchak was selected as “Best Senior Author Publication” for his paper, “A Modular Optimal Estimation Method for Combined Radar-Radiometer Precipitation Profiling.”

The paper provides an overview of different methods of sensor precipitation retrievals over various surfaces.

The “Best Senior Author Publication” recipient is selected by a committee of NASA civil servants.

Munchak’s same paper was also awarded the GSFC Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch (613.1) “Best Paper Award” earlier this year.

Munchak’s research expertise lies in remote precipitation sensing. “This covers the range of algorithm development, using in-situ and ground radar observations to improve satellite algorithms, and using radiative transfer models to simulate the observations made from satellites,” he said.

According to Munchak, he works primarily on evaluating and improving the step-by-step procedures that will be used in the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite, which is scheduled to be launched next year.