ESSIC Sees Success with Maryland Day Display

Despite less than desirable weather, many people still turned out for Maryland Day, a campus wide open house event to promote the departments, organizations and activities around campus.

ESSIC’s display this year was situated on “Science and Tech Way,” with other science and math displays.

Andrew Negri, co-organizer of the event, said ESSIC had 25 volunteers helping out throughout the day, and the weather didn’t stop what he described as “very high traffic” to ESSIC’s display.

Maureen Cribb, the other co-organizer of ESSIC’s Maryland Day display, agreed with Negri that there was an impressive turnout.

We were busy all day, from 9:30 a.m. until things were being put away and packed up at 3 p.m., she said.

“There was constant action at the Magic Planet,” said Cribb.

Everyone seemed to be playing with the globe or taking pictures of it, she said.

The Magic Planet is an interactive globe that lights up and features images of weather and climate patterns that move around the globe. It has become increasingly popular at ESSIC events over the years, and Cribb said the Maryland Day exhibit has shifted focus to really place an emphasis on the Magic Planet.

The free posters and other souvenirs were another tactic that drew large numbers of people to the ESSIC display. People were constantly coming by for the Frisbees and posters, Cribb said.

Though she noticed less school groups from the local area this year, Cribb said there was a mix in ages of the kids, adults and college students who stopped by.

Cribb said one of her favorite parts about the event each year is the opportunity to chat and interact with the visitors.

“At the end of the day it is always fun to talk with the people,” said Cribb.

Visitors to the booth often have questions about the Magic Planet, ESSIC and a variety of other science topics, and Cribb said she especially likes talking with the young kids because they are often really excited about science.

Another thing that attracted visitors to the ESSIC display were the marketing tactics of Isaac Moradi’s son, who helped draw people to the ESSIC area in particular with his enthusiasm.

Moradi said his son is interested in science, and particularly enjoyed the posters, Magic Planet and astronomy in the display.

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