ESSIC scientists participate in WCRP Conference

At the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Conference, Denver, CO, October 24-28, Robert Adler (ESSIC) was the session convener for “Inter-annual and Inter-decadal Variations and Trends in Global and Regional Precipitation and Their Relation to Temperature and Water Vapor Changes.” Omar Muller (ESSIC, advisor Hugo Berbery) won the Best Scientific Presentation award for students and early career scientists with the poster “Using ecosystem functional types as lower boundary conditions in simulations of droughts in Southern South America” and Junye Chen (ESSIC) received an Early Career Scientist Recognition for “The Effect of Satellite Observing System Changes on MERRA Water and Energy Fluxes.”  Additional oral and poster presentations were made by ESSIC  scientists Phillip Arkin, Ligang Chen, Richard Cullather, Guojun Gu, Yuxiang He, Andre Molod, Li Ren and Xin-Zhong Liang (AOSC and ESSIC) with Andrew Negri manning the ESSIC display booth featuring NOAA’s Magic Planet.

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