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ESSIC hosts CICS-MD Science Meeting

The CICS-MD Science Meeting was held at ESSIC September 6-7 and included presentations “from satellite observations to climate prediction.”

The two-day meeting had over 70 registered participants, according to CICS-MD Director Dr. E. Hugo Berbery, with sessions attended by scientists from CICS-MD and NOAA.

“The objectives of the meeting were to draw attention to the research¬†activities carried out at CICS-MD, help establish new collaborations¬†between the University of Maryland and NOAA units and promote new areas of¬†research within the institute’s goals,” Berbery said in an email.

He said research at CICS-MD is aimed at helping NOAA improve its products to achieve its mission.

“During the meeting, we had presentations showing¬†the extent of our research activities that cover calibration and¬†validation of satellite instruments, with emphasis on future missions,¬†development of algorithms for translating information from satellite¬†sensors into parameters that are useful for climate research and¬†development of new tools to help monitor events like lightning, fire¬†detection and extreme events [like] floods and droughts,” Berbery said in an email.

Berbery said¬†the final session¬†highlighted the outreach and educational initiatives employed to¬†disseminate CICS’ research to the general population. He also said there are plans to hold future CICS-MD Science Meetings.

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