ESSIC Hosts Annual CISESS Science Meeting

Last month, ESSIC hosted the annual CISESS Science Meeting. The weeklong meeting featured presentations of nearly 40 ESSIC/CISESS scientists and served as a collaborative forum for them to exchange ideas, identify research priorities, and define research topics.

Among the speakers were local researchers as well as scientists from the North Carolina CISESS campus and the Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (CREST) at the City College of New York.

Several STAR scientists gave invited presentations to start several sessions.  This included keynote talks by STAR Director, Harry Cikanek (pictured below), new CoRP Director Christopher Brown, SMCD Director Satya Kalluri and SOCD Director Paul DiGacomo.  SCSB Chief, Ralph Ferraro, provided an overview for the Hydrological Cycle session.

To see the full agenda for the meeting, including the slides of all presenters, click here.