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ESSIC Goes to the AGU Fall Meeting

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Over 20 ESSIC/CISESS scientists and students attended this year’s AGU conference and many more contributed to talks and poster presentations. The talks included:

Daile Zhang had a CISESS E-Lightning interactive electronic poster called Within-Flash Time Evolution of Cloud-Top Optical Emissions: Implications for Satellite-Based Lightning Observations;

The posters included:

In addition, several ESSIC/CISESS scientists chaired sessions at the conference:

  • Kayo Ide, Advances in Data Assimilation, Predictability, and Uncertainty Quantification.
  • Jifu Yin, Remote Sensing Applications for Water Management and Extremes Prediction;
  • Sinéad Farrell, Properties and Processes of Sea Ice: Understanding Interannual Variability and Dynamic Change;
  • Daile Zhang, Thunderstorm Electrification, Lightning Meteorology, and Advances in Instrumentation and Methods for Atmospheric Electricity Applications;
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