ESSIC end of year awards for 2013

As part of ESSIC’s end-of-year holiday party, the Center continued the annual tradition of recognizing the accomplishments of it’s own faculty and staff, with two peer-based award for “Best Scientific Research Paper” and “Staff Employee of the Year.”

The award for best paper was split between Research Associate Viviana Maggioni and Associate Research Scientist Hongbin Yu.

Maggioni’s paper entitled, “Investigating the Applicability of Error Correction Ensembles of Satellite Rainfall Products in River Flow Simulations” was published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology. The committee’s comments in recognition of the paper included the following: “For a comprehensive and well-written manuscript that assesses the application of an ensemble approach to error correction in a hydrological model.”

Yu’s paper entitled “Aerosols from Overseas Rival Domestic Emissions over North America” was published in the journal Science. The committee recognized his paper “for an outstanding contribution outlining the relative composition of overseas and domestic aerosol over North America; a very accessible and widely interesting article with a broad appeal to both scientists and non-scientists”.

The ESSIC Staff Award went to CICS Coordinator Debra Baker.  The committee recognized Baker for her “continued involvement on the day-to-day activities of the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS-MD), which are fundamental for a fluid communication with our sponsors at NOAA.”