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Wednesday, 15 July 2020


One time required actions:

  1. Log in and view the COVID safety training video in the ‘Keep Terps Safe Portal”
  2. Download the Return to Campus Responsibility Pledge, read carefully and complete the affirmation.

Actions every day you come on-site:

  1. Complete the online COVID symptom survey before you come to campus.
  2. Follow all regulations for on-site work.

For the health and safety of all, at the present faculty and staff are expected to continue teleworking to the extent possible.  The campus is preparing guidelines for a gradual return to on-site work, and this webpage will be updated as those become available. 

All ESSIC employees must be aware of and follow all UMCP regulations, posted here:

For work that can only be done at the ESSIC Discovery District building, everyone entering the building  must obey the following regulations for on-site work:

1) You must consult your direct supervisor, and have written permission submitted to the ESSIC Compliance Officer Andy Negri  before entering the ESSIC Discovery District Building,  At present only personnel authorized as essential ESSIC employees are pre-approved to enter the building. 

Work that does not require being on-site should continue to be done remotely to the extent that is possible.

2) You must complete a Return to Campus Responsibility Pledge (one time only), and indicate that you have read and agreed here

3) You must complete this on-line health check each and every day before coming to University of Maryland, College Park facilities: COVID 19 Employee Screening Checklist.

4) When you enter any University of Maryland building, use your Datawatch card to swipe in. This will function as a log and assist in contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 positive case on campus. To ensure the logs are accurate, please avoid “tailgating” (following behind someone who has unlocked a door and not swiping in yourself).Andy

5) You must wear a face mask or face shield at all times while inside ESSIC building space. This includes offices with more than one person present, and especially any public or shared spaces. Wearing masks at all times helps reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus through common surfaces and our shared indoor atmosphere.

6) You must practice social distancing (6 ft separation) at all times

7) You must practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing) and must clean and disinfect all high contact surfaces in your work area upon arrival and also on departure for the day, for your own protection and that of others.

8) You must obey all posted occupancy limits. In addition:

a) Occupancies must be <1 person/200 sq ft at all times while the campus remains in Phase I.

b) Only one person can occupy the elevator at one time. Stairs should be taken whenever possible.

c) Lunch rooms are to be used only to store/access perishable lunch items, and are not to be used for dining purposes or food preparation.

d) Common spaces – No gatherings of more than two individuals in any common space or area without sufficient social distancing is allowed.

e) Restrooms – All restrooms will be marked single occupancy with appropriate vacant/not vacant signage.

f) Shared facilities – any shared facilities with multiple users can only operate with the restricted two-person limit at one time, must have procedures for disinfecting between users and a monitored and enforced schedule.

9) Everyone’s  arrival and departure  dates and times are recorded through the building entry swipe system and will be checked routinely.  This logging will allow contact tracing in the event of a positive individual. 

10) We all must do our parts to ensure compliance with these regulations for the safety of all. If you see something, say something directly to the individual. If you see repeated violations, you must report these violations to your supervisor or to the Center’s Compliance Officer:

Anyone who is found to deliberately or repeatedly disobey these regulations will have their Datawatch card access deactivated. At that point, entering the building is trespassing and will be treated as such.

Federal Partner Information

Information on NASA’s Planning for Increased On-Site Work policy can be found here:

NOAA’s Phased Return to Onsite Work policy can be found here: NOAA Phased Return to Work [PDF]