ESSIC/CISESS Presents at 2021 AGU Fall Meeting

ESSIC/CISESS had several talks, e-lightning sessions, posters, virtual town halls, and tutorials at this year’s American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, held in New Orleans and online from December 13 to 17.


Veljko Petkovic was the Primary Convener and chaired two sessions on “Precipitation through the Eyes of Machine Learning and Advanced Statistics: Remote Sensing, Uncertainties, and Variability.” He also chaired a session on “Commercial Earth Observation and NOAA’s Low-Earth Orbiting Satellite Data for Research and Applications.”


Melanie Abecassis held a Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Satellite Data for Ocean and Coastal Science and Applications: Products, Tools and Access Services Through NOAA alongside with Veronica Lance and Michael Soracco. Abecassis also gave a Tutorial on Ocean Satellite Data Products and Using ERDDAP and R or Python to Access and Work with Satellite Data with Cara Wilson and Dale Robinson.


Daile Zhang gave an invited talk on Fusing GEO and LEO Lightning Observations, coauthored by Ken Cummings, Tim Lang, Mason Quick and Scott Rudlosky. 


Other CISESS talks included:

The CISESS E-Lightning Talks featured:

We had a large number of posters. Here are a few highlights:

High School Intern Terrence Pierce has an interactive poster entitled “A Case Study Intercomparing MALMA and GLM” that he co-authored with Daile Zhang, Guangyang Fang, Scott Rudlosky, and Joseph Patton.