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ESSIC/CISESS at AMS Conferences

AMS Annual Meeting 2022 logo
AMS Annual Meeting 2022 logo

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting was held virtually this year from January 23 to 27. Simultaneously, AMS held a number of specialized conferences and symposiums, focusing on topics including hydrology, climate variability and change, and atmospheric chemistry. ESSIC/CISESS scientists contributed a large number of talks and posters at the event. Talks included:

Augustin VintzileosTesting Definitions of Excessive Heat Events Using NOAA’s Valid Time Event Code (VTEC) Messages

Allison RingVolcanic Ash Forecasting Using HYSPLIT and VOLCAT Observations (with Alice M. Crawford, Justin Sieglaff, and Michael J. Pavolonis)

Benjamin Cash (GMU)– Toward a Collaborative Unified Workflow Solution for UFS Applications (with Rahul Mahajan, Arun Chawla, Christina Holt, Hendrik Tolman, Bin Liu, Kate Friedman, Walter Kolczynki, Julie Prestopnik and Fredrick Gabelmann);

Bin ZhangUnderstanding Error Propagation from RO Raw Observations to the Bending Angle Profile: Inter-center Comparison of the COSMIC-2 RO Retrievals (with Shu-Peng Ho, Xi Shao,Jun Dong, Yong Chen and Changyong Cao);

Chandana GangodagamageGlobal River Width and Inundation Database from Sentinel SAR Satellites (with Franz Meyer, Frederick Policelli, Joseph Kennedy, Sam Lamont, and Kirk Hogenson); and

Flood Prediction, Analysis, and Management (with Thomas E. Adams) [Part 2]

Eunsang ChoQuantifying Spatial Representativeness of Airborne Gamma Radiation SWE Using Snow Courses and Gridded Reanalysis Data (with Colleen Mortimer, Lawrence Mudryk, Chris Derksen, Carrie Vuyovich, and Mike Brady)

Erin JonesAssessing the Impacts of Assimilating NOAA-20 CrIS Midwave Observations on NOAA Global Forecasts (with Nadia Smith, Kevin Garrett, Kayo Ide, Chris Barnet, and Sid Boukabara);

Erin MunsellExamining Tropical Cyclone Thermodynamic Structure with TROPICS Observations (with Scott A. Braun); and

Mesoscale Processes near Orography (with Erik R. Nielsen)

Fong NganThe Use of Small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Data in WRF and HYSPLIT Modeling (with Christopher P. Loughner, Sonny Zinn, Mark D. Cohen, Temple R. Lee, Edward Dumas, Travis J. Schuyler, Michael S. Buban, Bruce Baker, Joseph Maloney, and David Hotz)

Huan MengNOAA Satellite Snowfall Rate Products and Applications (with Yongzhen Fan, Jun Dong, Yalei You, Guojun Gu, and Ralph Ferraro)

Hu LiuImpact Optimization and Assessment of Aeolus Winds on Overall NOAA Global and Regional Forecast

Isaac MoradiThe OSSE Framework at the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) (with Nikki Prive, Will McCarty, Ron Errico, and Erica L. McGrath-Spangler)

Jun DongEstimating the Uncertainty of COSIC-2 Radio Occultation Data: Inter-comparisons of Data Processed from Multiple Data Centers (with Shu-peng Ho, Bin Zhang, Xi Shao, Yong Chen and Xinjia Zhou);

Jifu YinLand Data Assimilation Systems and Their Applications (with Andrew M. Fox, Sujay V. Kumar, and Wanshu Nie) [Part 2]

Jinwoong YooSoil Moisture Impacts on TS Bill (2015) and the Brown Ocean Effect (with Joseph A. Santanello, J. Marshall Shepherd, Sujay V. Kumar, Patricia Lawston Parker, Ryann Ashley Wakefield, and Andrew M. Thomas)

Katherine LukensImpact Assessment of Loon Stratospheric Balloon Winds Assimilated in NOAA’s Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere Global Forecast System (FV3GFS) (with Kayo Ide and Kevin Garrett)

Kuo-Nung Wang (JPL)Characterizing the COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Bending Angle Uncertainty in the Lower Troposphere (with Chi O. Ao, S.-P. Ho, and L. Cucurull);

Bending radio occultation angle differences.
Bending radio occultation angle differences.

Lauren ZamoraValidation of Aerosol Model and Reanalysis Products over the Arctic and Implications for Regional Aerosol–Cloud Interactions (with Ralph A. Kahn)

Likun WangGeolocation Assessment and Optimization for Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Nadir Mapper Using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) (with Banghua Yan, Chunhui Pan, Trevor Beck, Junye Chen, Lihang Zhou, Mitch Goldberg, and Satya Kalluri)

Malarvizhi ArulrajBuilding an Enterprise NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Precipitation Validation System (with Veljko Petković, Ralph R. Ferraro, and Huan Meng);

Miguel LovinoFlash Drought Hotspots around the World (with Maria Josefina Pierrestegui, Omar V. Müller, and Ernesto H. Berbery)

Melissa WrzesienAssimilation of Passive Microwave Snow Depths Improves Simulation of Rapid Snowmelt Events in the Mississippi River Basin (with Sujay V. Kumar, Carrie Vuyovich, Augusto Getirana, Shugong Wang, Timothy M. Lahmers, Pang-Wei Liu, and Shahryar K. Ahmad)

Melissa Wrzesien and Eunsang ChoLinking Snow Hydrology and Society through Remote Sensing, Modeling, and Data Assimilation (with Carrie Vuyovich and Elias Deeb) [Part 2, Part 3]

Peter BeierlePlans for Providing a Redundancy for the Current On-orbit Spectral Calibration of the CrIS Sensors (with Flavio Iturbide-Sanchez, Yong Chen, Kun Zhang, Zhipeng Wang, Denis Tremblay, Erin M. Lynch, Joe Predina, David Johnson, and Lawrence Suwinski)

Sana KhanTesting a Global Landslide Forecast Model Based on Global Precipitation Forecasts (with Dalia B. Kirschbaum, Thomas A. Stanley, Pukar M. Amatya, Robert A. Emberson)

Sanghoon ShinPrediction Performance of Coupled Climate–Hydrology–Hydrodynamic Model on the River–Floodplain Hydrodynamics: Sensitivity of Model Initialization Conditions (with Chao Sun and Xin-Zhong Liang)

Sirish UpretyStable Ocean Site for Thermal Emissive Band Inter-Calibration (with Changyong Cao, Bin Zhang, and Xi Shao);

Tianning SuAerosol–Boundary Layer Interactions Modulate the Entrainment Process (with Zhanqing Li and Youtong Zheng); and

New Remote Sensing Methods to Determine PBL Depth and Coupling of Continental Clouds with Surface from Lidar (with Zhanqing Li and Youtong Zheng)

Timothy LahmersCoupled Surface Hydrology and Data Assimilation: Applications of the Coupled LIS/WRF-Hydro System for Extreme Events and Hydrologic Prediction (with Sujay V. Kumar, Aubrey Dugger, David J. Gochis, and Joseph A. Santanello)

William James Schouler MillerEvaluating the Impacts of COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Bending Angle Assimilation on HWRF Tropical Cyclone Forecasts (with Xi Shao, Shu-Peng Ho and Yong Chen);

Wenhui WangMitigating NOAA-20 VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands Scan Angle and Scene Temperature Dependent Biases in the NOAA Operational Processing (with Changyong Cao, and Slawomir Blonski);

Xi ShaoIntercomparison of Multi–Radio Occultation Retrieval Products with Radiosonde Water Vapor and Temperature Measurements (with Shu-Peng Ho, Bin Zhang, Xinjia Zhou, Stanislav Kireev, Yong Chen, and Changyong Cao)

Yalei YouImproving Cross-Track Scanning Radiometer Precipitation Retrieval over Ocean by Morphing (with Christa Peters-Lidard, Stephen J. Munchak, Jackson Tan, Scott A. Braun, Sarah Ringerud, William J. Blackwell, John Xun Yang, Eric J. Nelkin, Jun Dong)

Yong-Keun LeeValidation of MiRS NOAA-20 ATMS Total Precipitable Water in 2019 Using Multiple Reference Data Sets (with Christopher Grassotti, Quanhua Liu, Shuyan Liu and Yan Zhou);

Zhanqing LiEstimation of Aerosol Hygroscopicity, Aerosol Liquid Water Content, and Their Vertical Variations from In Situ and Remote Sensing Measurements (Invited Presentation) (with Xiaoai Jin and Tong Wu)

ESSIC/CISESS posters included:

Anna Lienesch– At-Sea Work from Shore? Lessons Learned from Remote Sample Data Management (with Megan Cromwell, Madalyn Newman, Susan Gottfried, Jonathan Jackson, Christopher Dunn, Kimberly Galvez, Kasey Cantwell, Matt Dornback, Mark Durbin, Rhian Walle and Kirsten Larsen);

Chao SunA Physical–Statistical Hybrid Approach to Improving Summer U.S. Seasonal Prediction Skill (with Xin-Zhong Liang)

Isaac MoradiAssimilation of Microwave Satellite Observations over the Rainbands of Tropical Cyclones (with Will McCarty and Frank Evans)

Jifu YinAssimilation of Blended Satellite Soil Moisture to Further Improve Noah-MP Model Skills (with Xiwu Zhan, Mike Blarlage, Sujay Kumar, Andrew Fox, Christopher Hain, Ralph Ferraro and Jicheng Liu);

John Xun YangSatellite-Observed Spatial–Temporal Patterns of Precipitation over the Amazon Rain Forest

Jun DongNew Developments to the NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Snowfall Rate Product (with Yongzhen Fan, Huan Meng, Cezar Kongoli and Ralph Ferraro).

Natthachet TangdamrongsubAssessing the Noah-MP Surface Heat Exchange Parameterization for Characterizing Terrestrial Hydrology for the National Climate Assessment Using NCA-LDAS

Veljko PetkovicNOAA/STAR Environmental Data Record Suite for EPS-SG: Microwave Imager (with Ralph Ferraro and Huan Meng);

EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation MicroWave Imager proxy data generation
EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation MicroWave Imager proxy data generation
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