ESSIC / CICS-MD Scientists Present at Satellite Soil Moisture Workshop

On October 25th, four scientists presented at the 5th Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

  • Li Fang (STAR/SMCD/EMB) gave a talk on “Validation of Downscaled SMAP Soil Moisture Data Products” co-authored by CICS-MD Scientists Jifu Yin, Jicheng Liu, and Mitch Schull as well as CICS Consortium Scientist Tarendra Lakhankar (CREST).
  • Nai-Yu Wang (NESDIS/OSGS/SED/SEB) gave a presentation on “Evaluating Precipitation Impact on Soil Moisture in the National Water Model”.
  • Jifu Yin (STAR/SMCD/EMB) had a poster entitled “Potential Application of Satellite Soil Moisture Data Products in National Water Model.”
  • Ralph Ferraro (SCSB) coauthored both discussions on the National Water Model (NWM).

Li Fang, Nai-Yu Wang, and Jifu Yin are all assistant research scientists at ESSIC / CICS-MD. Ralph Ferraro is a Visiting Associate Research Scientist at ESSIC and the Chief of the NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Climate Studies Branch.

This annual workshop aims to bring together satellite users and developers to discuss and reconcile recent methodological advances in the development, validation and application of global satellite soil moisture data.

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