ESSIC / CICS-MD Scientists Part of AMS Published Climate Report

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) recently published a sidebar authored by the NOAA Coral Reef Watch (CRW) staff in its “State of the Climate in 2017” report.  The staff includes ESSIC / CICS-MD scientists Gang Liu, Jacqueline De La Cour, and Erick Geiger as well as William Skirving, Scott Heron, and Benjamin Marsh.

The sidebar, titled “Unprecedented three years of global coral bleaching 2014-17”, addresses the progression of the third documented global coral bleaching event and analyzes the climate-driven forces that impacted the length and severity of the event.  It also outlines CRW’s modeled predictions, satellite monitoring, and documentation of bleaching heat stress throughout as well as observations of coral bleaching and mortality received from the field.

CRW’s sidebar was also featured in the joint NOAA-AMS media conference call briefing presentation on the “State of the Climate in 2017” report on August 1.

For more information and to access the report, please visit: “State of the Climate in 2017”.