ConE announces The Green Fellowship for the Environment

The University of Maryland Council on the Environment (ConE) recently announced The Green Fellowship for the Environment, which carries an award of $10,000.00 to support two University of Maryland graduate students interested in a one-year team effort that bridges their disciplines to address environmental problems here or abroad.

An email sent out by Cathy Stephens, director of programs and communications for the Council on the Environment, states team members will ideally be from different colleges as well as from different departments.

Currently supported UMCP graduate students who are interested in formulating new transdisciplinary research ideas pertaining to the environment are eligible to apply.

According to the ConE website, required documentation for the application include:  a CV from each of the team members, a short proposal – two page limit – describing the transdisciplinary project, which includes a brief description of how the students represent different disciplines and their collaboration crosses traditional academic boundaries in a way that is innovative and likely to have significant impact and two letters of recommendation, one from each student’s advisor. These brief letters should address the innovative methods used in the transdiciplinary research.

Complete details on eligibility and application procedures can be found here.

To assist students in finding a research partner, ConE has developed a website where students can register their areas of interest and expertise and view those of others.

ConE also announced it will host a reception for graduate students interested in The Green Fellowship for the Environment. The reception will be held on Thursday, September 27 in the Chemistry Atrium from 4:00-6:00 pm. Dr. Patrick O’Shea, Vice President for Research, will offer a welcome and refreshments will be served.  Green Fellowship applicants are strongly encouraged to register their interests prior to the reception.

Stephens can be contacted at to RSVP for the reception or regarding questions about the fellowship.

ConE was established this year to mobilize the unique core competencies and strengths on campus in the environment while creating new transdisciplinary funding opportunities involving multiple campus units; develop new partnerships with federal and state agencies and laboratories, corporations, and universities; identify philanthropic sources of funding for environmental initiatives; and to promote opportunities for economic development.