CICS-MD Summer Institute Interns host Howard NCAS Campers

ESSIC / CICS-MD Summer Institute interns recently hosted a visit with the Howard University-based NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) CAREERS Weather Camp.

Camp participants were part of a 2-week NCAS-sponsored program for High School students with early career interests in atmospheric, environmental, or applied physical sciences.  The Howard University location is one of four nationwide NCAS-sponsored camps held throughout the summer months.

As part of the event, institute interns presented highlights of their own summer research and provided a brief demonstration of the ESSIC “Magicplanet,” a portable “Science on a Sphere” display.

The presentations were followed by a productive panel discussion where interns provided insight and answered camper questions on colleges, graduate school, and internships.

This was the third annual visit by the Howard NCAS weather camp to ESSIC.