Busalacchi revisits wine/climate study with seminar and blog post

ESSIC Director and ConE Chair Professor Antonio Busalacchi presented on the correlation between wine production and climate change during a special late-July seminar at the UMD Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI).

In his presentation, entitled “Impact of Climate Change on Global Viticulture,” Busalacchi described the implications of climate change on the major wine-producing areas of the world.    

Busalacchi presented the talk to another PNNL-related audience earlier this summer at the Laboratory’s location in Richland, Washington, which resulted in significant public and media-related attention.

Busalacchi wrote a follow-on blog piece on the study posted in both “Livescience” and ESSIC’s “Scientists’ Soapbox” section, which has generated similar media attention and interest.