Adler speaks and receives award from NASA and JAXA in Tokyo

On November 12, in Tokyo, Dr. Robert Adler spoke at the “Water for Life: Symposium on the Role of Space Data” in Tokyo.

In his speech, titled “Global Flood and Landslide Estimation Using Satellite Rainfall Information,” Adler spoke about his work with precipitation observations using the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite.

Better known as TRMM, the event was held by both NASA and the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).

The symposium was both a review and celebration of the satellite’s 10 years of successful orbiting.

On the following day, Adler was awarded a certificate of appreciation from NASA and JAXA celebrating his “outstanding contribution to the scientific activities, applications and accomplishments of 15 succesful years of the tropical rainfall measuring mission.

Adler currently works with the TRMM satellite to study precipitation observations from space, and leads a 27-year program known as the Global Precipitation Climatology Project.

In the past, Adler has been awarded by NASA on numerous occasions.

In 2002, he received the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and the Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres Scientific Leadership Award.