Kuser Olsen published in Human Ecology Review

ESSIC visiting assistant research scientist Beth Kuser Olsen recently published an article in Human Ecology Review titled “The demographics of public participation access when communicating environmental risk”.

In the piece, Kuser Olsen discusses the importance of public engagement in communicating anticipated changes and shifting risks concerning the environment and climate change.  She examines the demographics of flood risk management meeting participants in order to determine the outreach efforts necessary to capture all demographically diverse sectors.

Kuser Olsen’s research centers around innovative modeling for flood risk communication.  Her research interests include developing computer-assisted decision support systems for anticipating future flood risk due to sea level rise and measuring effectiveness of geo-spatial computer models as tools in assessment of flood hazard risk.

To read the full article for free, see here: Human Ecology Review: Volume 24, Number 1. Kuser Olsen’s article is on pages 115-134.