Murtugudde Published in Fundamatics, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Raghu Murtugudde’s article entitled “Climate Change Needs an Elephant Whisperer” has been published in Funadamatics second volume.

Murtugudde’s piece in the publication focuses on the human specie’s need to become more aware of the current changes and altercations of climate change and global warming, where he believes there will be “winners and losers”.

According to Murtugudde, humans need to cooperatively unite against the polarizing and often frightening issue of global warming and combat it head on.  “With our ability to dominate the planet like no other species can, it may be more important for us to understand whether we have it in us to save us from ourselves,” Murtugudde says in the article.

The piece takes a step back from analytical data, groundbreaking technological advancements in science and mathematics, and focuses on the clear contemporary issues of today.

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