2019 Government Shutdown Information & FAQ

The purpose of this and any subsequent posting under this header is to provide guidance to ESSIC employees during the 2019 US Government shutdown. We will update postings as additional information becomes available.

While we remain optimistic the shutdown will come to an end before we run out of funds, we are working on contingency plans to minimize disruptions and to enable funding of salaries for as long as possible.

GSFC and NOAA facilities are closed to all non-essential workers, including all ESSIC personnel – unless you are individually exempted by NASA or NOAA (and individually so informed).

Because ESSIC operates largely under Cooperative Agreements, we are authorized to continue our activities until we run out of allocated funding – or unless we receive stop-work orders from one of our Procurement Officers. Most ESSIC awards are funded at least through the end of February.

While civil servants are instructed not to work during the shutdown, ESSIC scientists ARE on a normal work and pay schedule. You must either work your normal hours or take leave.

If your sponsor or another civil servant tells you to stop work as a result of the shutdown, please contact Andy Negri so that we can communicate with the civil servants regarding ESSIC's operating status.

If you cannot work at home, you may work at ESSIC. If you feel that you cannot work at home or without government resources or personnel, contact Andy Negri and plans will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

As an ESSIC employee, you may continue to use your government email address. However, be aware that government email servers may be affected without notice and so you should ensure that you have access to your umd.edu email or some other personal email in addition.

Scientists with scheduled and approved travel, or who are currently on travel, should take or continue their travel as planned. Prospective travel and procurement will be handled on a case-by-case basis in consultation with your Account Manager in the ESSIC Business Office. An important consideration will be the need to preserve funds for your salaries.

Please let Phil Arkin (parkin@umd.edu) and Andy Negri (anegri@essic.umd.edu) know if you have questions or concerns. We will keep you informed on further developments. Please check this ESSIC website (essic.umd.edu) frequently for subsequent updates and guidance.


More Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the "Download Attachment" link below this line to download the FAQ document covering an assortment of topics that were covered during the internal meeting on the shutdown.

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